Some of you noticed that second book in the announcement… Hold Me Down. Yes, I’ve written another music-world mystery, or as my publisher calls it, “a standalone novel of suspense.” It’s dark, it’s intense, and, no, there are no cats in it. Still, I’m very proud of Hold Me Down, which looks like it will be published (again by Polis) in September, 2021.

I had originally described HOLD ME DOWN as a “rock and roll noir” in the style of my Mass. Book Award-honored WORLD ENOUGH, that follows a recovering rock star as she unravels a mysterious killing – and her own past – in the context of an industry that monetizes dysfunction. Here’s the official deals report – a tad more standardized in terms of description!

Anyway, no cover or links yet, but I am VERY excited to have placed this book and I can’t think of a better home! More as I know it!