Other Writings

I’ve contributed pieces and short stories to a variety of collections, including Christmas Cats (Chamberlain Bros.), Cat Women: Female Writers on Their Feline Friends (Seal Press), For Keeps: Women Tell the Truth About Their Bodies, Growing Older, and Acceptance (Seal Press), He Said What? Women Talk About the Moment Everything Changed (Seal Press), and Tales From the House Band (Plus One Press). My short mystery, “Dumb Beasts,” appeared in Deadfall: Crime Stories by New England Writers (Level Best Books).

It closed twenty years ago, but the Rat’s rollicking reverb echoes on:  Remembering Boston’s landmark rock club (for The Boston Globe Magazine) 

The Unwavering Gaze: Fabritius and Donna Tartt’s “The Goldfinch”

With friends like these…: A writeup of the online Readerville
community (for The New York Times)

Cat Burgler: Or why cat hoarder Heidi Erickson will probably hoard again (for the Boston Phoenix)

Eat This Song: The first time I heard the band X (for Salon.com)

A profile of media critic Jean Kilbourne (for Ms. magazine)

Girl Power: The fine art of remaining a feminist – and not having to kill the spiders (for the Boston Phoenix)

Animal Magnetism, or why we love the pets we do (for the Boston Phoenix)

Found in Translation: A review of Dubravka Ugresic’s spot-on skewering of the publishing industry (for the Boston Phoenix)

The Web Catches and Reshapes Radio: A primer on Internet radio (for the New York Times)

The hunter becomes the hunted: My review of David
Quammen’s great Monsters of God. (for the San Francisco Chronicle)

Parenting Passages: When adult children care for their elders (for
Harvard Magazine)

And, for fun, short music pieces and reviews for Offbeat magazine.