World Enough

World Enough

The casual camaraderie of Boston’s club scene hides something darker …

A night out to hear some music, a band she used to love: But when onetime rock crit Tara Winton accepts an assignment from her former editor, she must revisit not only the old scene but everything she holds dear.
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World Enough, coming soon from Severn House

Simon brilliantly captures the whole giddy joy of being young in Boston’s ‘80s punk band culture, longing for fame, full of lust and drugs, and then having to face down the coming-of-middle-age amidst painfully smashed dreams, ruined loves, dangerous secrets, and maybe even murder. So vividly written, you feel the sweaty thumping beat of the clubs, and so rich and real, these characters’ collective loss of innocence feels shockingly personal” – Caroline Leavitt, author of Cruel Beautiful World and The New York Times bestsellers Pictures of You and Is This Tomorrow

“Tara Winton was a budding music journalist back in the day. Now a bored corporate hack, when she gets the chance to drop the quarterly reports for one last story, she’s instantly back in the swirl of gigs, zines, groupies and nearly rock stars that made up Boston’s 80s club scene. Tapping her old contacts, though, she finds that the feuds, loyalties, bust-ups and betrayals she remembers are only the play-in to this particular song. Clea Simon writes with authority and affection about a lost world. Highly recommended.” – Anthony, Agatha, and Macavity-award winner Catriona McPherson, author of The Reek of Red Herrings and Quiet Neighbors

“For Clea Simon, ‘mystery’ is less a genre than an immutable fact of our lives. In WORLD ENOUGH, she drifts back into the Eighties indie-rock scene in Boston, where she got her start as a writer, but the past, more filled with questions than answers, proves no more knowable than the future. Her title comes from the most loved carpe diem poem in the English language, but this is a haunting carpe noctem novel, and Simon seizes the night with a firm, relentless grip.” – Anthony DeCurtis, author of Lou Reed: A Life

“WORLD ENOUGH is excellent – a twisty, bittersweet trip back to the glory days of the Boston club scene, with just the right mix of edge and nostalgia.” – Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of The Switch and Guilty Minds

WORLD ENOUGH “transported me back to clubs, where the floors were sticky, the sound was distorted, where we danced mindlessly to the sounds that were the soundtrack of our lives.  This was our tribe, our scene, our being.  Through the cigarette haze we lived for the moment and thought of no future…” – Oedipus, ex-WBCN

“Music-scene insider Clea Simon’s WORLD ENOUGH shows how the daze of futures passed on the Boston rock underground reaches into the present to stir up darkness. Makes me want to get out my old Aught Nines vinyl.” –Milo Miles of NPR’s “Fresh Air with Terry Gross”

“WORLD ENOUGH  illustrates the community-unifying power of music and the community-rending power of drugs/alcohol, and the fact that those two forces often meet in the same rooms at the same time ~  plus, it’s a thriller! Great story and eerily authentic, which is not surprising ~  Clea has been documenting the Boston music scene for some time now, and knows her subject.” – Tanya Donelly, Throwing Muses/The Breeders/Belly


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Series: Other
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Severn House
Publication Year: 2017