Kitten season can be murder…

When Becca spies a tortoiseshell kitten dodging traffic and chases the tiny tortie down an alley she doesn’t expect to find a dead body. But that’s only the beginning of her troubles in the upcoming TO CONJURE A KILLER, the fourth in the Witch Cats of Cambridge cozy cat mystery series.

So excited to have this book ready to go! I’m reading page proofs now – you can imagine how Becca’s three cats, Harriet, Laurel, and Clara, are reacting to the newcomer! – but you can pre-order TO CONJURE A KILLER now! (This link takes you to Amazon, but if you’d prefer to support a local independent bookstore, you can pre-order from IndieBound here.)

(P.S. Pre-orders play a major role in alerting bookstores and libraries about which books to stock and sell. Publishers also watch pre-orders to see if they should continue series like the Witch Cats of Cambridge. So if you think you might want more books like To Conjure a Killer, please consider pre-ordering!)