A friend reading World Enough recently asked me how much was fiction and how much true. Tara’s learning curve as a rock critic is largely mine, I told him. The band anecdotes are largely lifted from life: the crazy drinking, the drugs, the partying. And the underlying crime? I was trying to remember the details, when this came up…

“Former New England mafia boss Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme has been “no angel” but played no role in the 1993 killing of a nightclub owner, the aging’s mobster’s attorney told jurors Wednesday…” (More of this story here.)

“The trial is unfolding in a city that is in some ways far different from the one where Mr. Salemme and other bosses once held so much sway… Even the Channel, a nightclub the authorities say Mr. Salemme was involved in 25 years ago, is long gone…” The New York Times take is here.

Bodies don’t stay buried.