“This novel really takes you into the grimy world of a traveling band and the melodies behind the music….”

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“Hold Me Down” By Clea Simon: Review/Giveaway

Review by Vicki Vass

Middle-aged rock star Gal returns to Boston to play a tribute concert to her dead bandmate Aimee. While in Boston, she sees a man’s face that causes her to freeze, and the next day she finds that the man has been murdered and her friend’s husband accused. This leads her down a rabbit hole of memories and discoveries relating to Aimee and their band. With a combination of suspense and procedural investigation, we follow Gal as she searches for the murderer while at the same time recalling her musical past, regrets and memories. Simon’s skills as a former journalist serve her well as we actually feel as if we are at a rock concert from the beat of the drum to the roar of the audience. 

Trapped in her memories and regrets, Gal is a truly sympathetic character especially when she recalls her time with Aimee, her dead drummer, and their rise to fame. She finds herself confronting demons that she had long cast aside, related to the sordid world of rock and roll and touring. And now it seems like the past is coming back to haunt her. This novel really takes you into the grimy world of a traveling band and the melodies behind the music. More than anything this book demonstrates that Gal is a survivor despite her guilt over the past and need to right wrongs. 

While I haven’t read any of the author’s other books, some reviewers claim this is her best work yet. After reading Hold Me Down, I will definitely consider picking up another of Simon’s works. 

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