We authors have long been associated with cats. Inspired—or besotted—we cohabit with them, indulging their whims and suffering their ills and tempers as we dole out treats and nurse the occasional scratch or accident or broken heart. Along the way, we write about them, both as they are and as the bewitching creatures they often seem to be.  As a result, they show up so often in literature that it is nearly impossible to list only a few favorites. But I will try—presenting five felines who have left their clawmarks on my heart. (Thanks to Crime Reads for hosting me – and this feline list – today!)


Chatty, gluttonous Behemoth could be any housecat, were it not for his command of language (particularly sarcasm), firearms, and anarchy. Yes, the enormous black cat who steals the show in Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita is a demon. But a charming and funny one. Just watch your vodka and your mushrooms, too.

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