“Everybody has a past…” That’s how Mollie Hunt’s review of WORLD ENOUGH. Read the full text below:

Everybody has a past. Some are more memorable than others; some we would prefer to forget. My own past was rooted in the hippie movement and the music scene that went with it. Though WORLD ENOUGH’s Tara Wilton hit her crazy prime a few decades later in the clubs of the ‘80s, I can identify. I understand those push-pull relationships with once-upon-a-time friends. I get the compulsion to both renounce the past and embrace it. The dichotomy that runs throughout this story is eerily my own.

In this multi-layered work, Tara, a one-time newshound now bored by her current job, finds herself pulled back through doors she thought were closed forever. A story about the old scene leads her to new information and the possibility that events of the past were not as she had imagined them at the time. The death of one of the old tribe raises questions—was it accidental, suicide, or murder?— and brings doubts about another death back in the day.

Clea leads us slowly, purposefully, sometimes almost painfully through Tara’s thought process as she is drawn to uncover the facts, however grotesque. What happened? Where did it all go wrong? The world is dangerous when we begin to peel back the layers of its darkest secrets and reveal the raw, bleeding truth.

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