Woot! Woot! I am thrilled to announce that I’ll have a story in the upcoming BLOODROOT: BEST NEW ENGLAND CRIME STORIES 2021 by Crime Spell Books. My short story, “No Cities to Love,” is a kind of futuristic take on women taking care of themselves and their own … with a beat! Pub date is November and I’ll post more when I get ’em, folks.

Here’s the announcement and full lineup: “The editors at Crime Spell Books are pleased to announce that the following stories by these authors will appear in Bloodroot, Best New England Crime Stories anthology #19.”

Christine Bagley “Valhalla”

Brenda Buchanan “Means, Motive and Opportunity”

Bruce Coffin “Murphy’s Law”

Hans Copek “The Visa”

A.L. Dawson “The Crossing”

Kat Fast “Only You”

Kate Flora “Best Served Cold”

Judith Green “Virtue Is Its Own Reward”

Jane Haertel “Where the Wild Pigs Are”

Vaughn Hardacker “Just Like Jesse James”

Zakariah Johnson “Egg on Her Face”

Frederic T. Jones “Bounty”Chris Knopf “Rescue”

Lisa Lieberman “The Virgin’s Necklace”

Edith Maxwell “Dark Corners”

Susan Oleksiw “Chuck Zanger Exceeds His Skill Set”

Eugenia Parrish “A Death at the Crossroads”

Ang Pompano “Directions to Justice”

Stephen Rogers “The Baby Screamed Murder”

Clea Simon “No Cities to Love”

Sarah Smith “Jane Austen’s House”

Janet Raye Stevens “Dirty Water”

Leslie Wheeler “Watchers”