What a joy to stumble across this article in Crime Reads: “Six Cozy Mysteries Told From a Cat’s Purr-spective” There’s a nice shout-out to my A Cat on the Case (the latest Witch Cats of Cambridge mystery) and the note that my cats are “wickedly smart.” Why thank you! (Excerpt follows:)

A Cat on the Case, Clea Simon

Similar to Rita Mae Brown’s Mrs. Murphy series, the cats in Clea Simon’s Witch Cats of Cambridge books aren’t the main protags, but the reader gets to delve inside their heads as they have loads of dialogue and express their thoughts and opinions on just about everything. In A Cat on the Case, a strange girl comes into Charm and Cherish, a New Age shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts where Becca (the protagonist) works. She leaves behind an old violin and soon Becca and her three magical cats, Laurel, Harriet, and Clara, are pulled into a dangerous mystery where nothing is as it seems. Readers will enjoy the personalities of the three cats, which are wickedly smart!