World Enough

“With a colorful cast of characters, a gift for detail, and intricate plotting, Simon takes her readers deep into the esoteric world of the Boston music scene.”


-Lisa Unger

A Spell of Murder

First in an exciting new cozy mystery series!

Coming December 11, 2018

Cross My Path

“Epic in scope.”

– Bristol Public Library

“Not only reflects a thorough understanding of feline behavior, but also a connection to the feline essence.”

– The Conscious Cat

Fear on Four Paws


– Publishers Weekly


As Dark As My Fur

“Clea Simon paints a sweeping emotional cityscape that will stay with you long after you put the book down.”


-Ingrid King



I’m Clea Simon, author of the rock ‘n’ roll noir WORLD ENOUGH; the Theda Krakow, Dulcie Schwartz, Pru Marlowe, and Blackie & Care mysteries; and also a handful of nonfiction books. Please browse around and make yourself at home. I’d love to see you at one of my events, and I’m always happy to hear your feedback.

As featured in the Wall Street Journal and on NPR

Clea Simon writes with authority and affection about a lost world. Highly recommended.

Catriona McPherson

A twisty, bittersweet trip, with just the right mix of edge and nostalgia.

Joseph Finder

So vividly written and so rich and real, these characters’ collective loss of innocence feels shockingly personal

Caroline Leavitt

This is a haunting carpe noctem novel, and Simon seizes the night with a firm, relentless grip

Anthony DeCurtis

Coming Soon

Recent Blog Posts

For cat lovers!

Publishers Weekly weighs in on Cross My Path: "Cat-loving fans of grim postapocalyptic tales will best appreciate Simon’s third Blackie and Care mystery..." it begins, concluding, "The disparate plot lines combine in a fiery...

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The bodies don’t stay buried…

A friend reading World Enough recently asked me how much was fiction and how much true. Tara's learning curve as a rock critic is largely mine, I told him. The band anecdotes are largely lifted from life: the crazy drinking, the drugs, the partying. And the underlying...

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What’s in a name?

"How do you come up with the names?" That's what my wonderful mother-in-law Sophie always wants to know. "Dulcie and Pru, and now Care? Tara? Where do they come from?" "I'm not sure," I've told her. And she shakes her head in wonder. "I make them up," I say. Although...

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