Cover reveal: A SPELL OF MURDER

The first in a new cozy cat mystery series, coming to you Dec. 11 from Polis Books. (Yes, you can pre-order here or from your favorite local indie.)

A new cozy series coming in December from Clea Simon and Polis Books.


Today is the pub day for Fear on Four Paws, which means Pru is back and Wallis with her! Yes, after a year-plus absence, the bad girl animal psychic and her cranky tabby are once again prowling the woods around Belleville, and are they in trouble. It all starts when they find an illegally trapped bear and the bodies begin to pile up…

Here’s what the critics are saying about Fear On Four Paws, the seventh Pru Marlowe pet noir mystery (available at Amazon and your local indie as hardcover, ebook, and trade paperback)

Here’s what the early reviews are saying:


“Series fans [as well as “readers who love bossy cats, don’t mind ferrets, and can accept an animal psychic as a protagonist”] will lap it up.”

“Likely to appeal to cozy fans.”

CROSS MY PATH is here!

Happy pub day to the newest Blackie & Care, Cross My Path! This dark adventure – once again featuring the intrepid Care and her devoted feline sidekick Blackie – has been out in the UK for a few months, and so copies have been trickling in. But today is the day it becomes available from US outlets (like Amazon or your local indie) in both hardcover and ebook formats (look for a trade paperback in a few months).

See what the critics have been saying about Cross My Path:

“While each book has its own mysteries from start to finish, it’s obvious in this entry that Simon has a larger story arc going on, one more epic in scope. It’s possible that there is a specific ending in mind already, but let us hope that is far in the future.”

“Cat-loving fans of grim postapocalyptic tales will best appreciate Simon’s third Blackie and Care mystery … The disparate plot lines combine in a fiery finale.”

“Cat-loving fans of grim post-apocalyptic tales will best appreciate Simon’s third Blackie and Care mystery … The disparate plot lines combine in a fiery finale.” – Publishers Weekly

Happy summer!

So much for the summer slowdown…

Whew! That was exhausting! I’ve just gotten through the edits of next winter’s mystical cat cozy, A Spell of Murder, and have been looking forward to some lazy summer days.  (More on that here.) Then the calls and emails started.

Yes, I have two mysteries coming out in July: Cross My Path (July 1, Severn House) and Fear on Four Paws (July 3, Poisoned Pen Press).  But I kind of thought life would be quiet until Bouchercon in September. Silly me!

“Cat-loving fans of grim post-apocalyptic tales will best appreciate Simon’s third Blackie and Care mystery … The disparate plot lines combine in a fiery finale.” – Publishers Weekly

First up: New England Mobile Book Fair and Newton Warehouse Wine & Spirits are pairing up to present “Noir Night,” July 19. They’ll pair the latest noir-ish books by me, Lisa Lieberman, and Joanna Schaffhausen with pinot noirs, in what should be a tasty event! (6:30-8:30 p.m., Newton Wine & Spirits, 241 Needham St., Newton). Then, August 10-12, I’ll be at the Deadly Ink conference in New Jersey. (Look for me on the “Cozy Cats” panel on Saturday.)

I’ll also be taping a summer book chat, along with Hank Phillippi Ryan and Peter Swanson, for “Under the Radar with Callie Crossley,” to air Sunday, Aug. 5, on WGBH-FM. (You’ll be able to hear us here.), along with segments for Winthrop public access cable, and more, which I’ll post on my site as they go up. Oh, yeah, and I’m writing again…of course!

Happy summer!


“Readers who love bossy cats, don’t mind ferrets, and can accept an animal psychic as a protagonist will enjoy this seventh entry in the Pru Marlowe Pet Noir series….Series fans, who have no problem with the fact that Pru talks mostly to animals, will lap it up.” – Booklist
“Irresistable” – Publishers Weekly

#MeToo and my op-ed in today’s Boston Globe

As many of you may already know, I have an op-ed in the Boston Globe today, talking about “The Americans” and, more to the point, the aftereffects of rape. I wrote this piece because of a theme that seemed obvious to me – how the trauma of rape can derail a person and change the trajectory of her life. I saw this as the unstated character arc of Elizabeth Jennings, the protagonist of this wonderful TV series. And I know it is true, because it happened to me.

In this op-ed, I talked openly about the emotional repercussions of an assault, and I interviewed Gina Scaramella of the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center for confirmation. What I didn’t say was that the series’ handling of the issue is of particular interest to me, because this issue is also at the center of my current fictional WIP. In my book, which I’m still writing, an aging rock star looks back on her life – from the clubs to the major label tours and all – and gradually comes to understand how something that happened to her as a young adult may have put her on the path to fame but now, decades later, has caused her to stall out, personally and creatively.

I’ve been loving working on this book, and I’ve wanted to take it far beyond my own experience. To that end, I’m talking to lots of people like Gina, and also musicians at various levels, including some bona fide rock stars, women who’ve been gracious about sharing their tales of the road. I write to entertain, after all, and letting the reader come backstage with me is part of the fun. Sex and drugs and rock and roll, sure. But also sisterhood and sharing and living a dream of creative fulfillment, as well.

Yes, the rock scene – like so much of the entertainment industry – has a dark side, too. A side that is only now coming to light. And, no, I didn’t set out to write a #MeToo novel, and I like to think this book will be more than that. Yes, the #MeToo movement has been freeing – encouraging many of us to come to terms with intrusions into our lives/bodies/selves that we accepted as normal years before. But this book is more personal than political, with its core being my own rape and my own all-too-slow understanding of how it shaped me in the years since. As well, because this book is so personal – and so big – I am being very careful not to rush it. Although most of my novels these days sell before they’re finished, on proposals or a few chapters, I want to finish this one and polish it and make sure I have it right. (My agent, who is wonderful, is behind me on this.)

Because I work in the crime fiction genre, the book does have a murder in it. But while the mystery aspect does involve solving – or rather, understanding – the murder, the real mystery at its heart is in my protagonist understanding and coming to terms with the trauma she suffered, so many years before. I hope the journey to those final revelations will be entertaining and engaging. I’m also hoping that many women, from many walks of life, will see themselves in the journey my heroine Gal takes, even if they never don her leather pants or pick up a mic to sing. I’ll keep you all informed as the book progresses, because … #MeToo