Crime bake, here I come!New England Crime Bake
Yes, this wonderful conference started yesterday, but I’m so behind in my work that I didn’t get there for the pizza party, or the desserts, or the movie… SIGH. But I am looking forward to a full day today. I’ll be starting with my panel. Called “Alone: Inside the Writer’s Studio,” I’ll be joining Frankie Y. Bailey and Susan Reynolds, and Edith Maxwell will moderate as we discuss our writing routines (and oddities) – you know, the basics of How We Get It Done. Should be great, right? Afterward, I get to meet with two fledgling authors whose manuscripts I’ve been asked to look at (another great reason to sign up for Crime Bake – we share what we know). And tonight – BANQUET! I don’t think I’ll be going in costume, this year. But look for the pictures, because you know they’ll be great.

See you there!