Do you listen to audiobooks while you drive or work out? Keep up with your stories while you cook or knit or disassemble heavy machine parts? (Hey, cozy readers come in all shapes and sizes!) Have I got a contest for you! Dreamworks has done a bang-up job on the audiobook of A Spell of Murder – and they’ll be doing one of my upcoming An Incantation of Cats soon.

You can find A Spell of Murder on, Amazon, or your local indie outlet, of course (and your local library should have it too). But I’m giving away two copies of the audiobook CD. Just sign up for my mailing list – if you haven’t already – and email me through the “contact me” link – please write “Audiobook Giveaway” in the subject line. I’ll do a random drawing on Sunday, Dec. 1, to kick off the holiday season with a present for YOU.