That’s the name of Shawn Reilly Simmons’ podcast, and now I know it’s true. Shawn — an author and one of the brains behind the annual Malice Domestic traditional mystery festival — is super easy to talk to, and that means we authors tend to spill the beans about Hold Me Down, my writing process, my greatest fears, and more. Curious? Listen in here.

EP34: 5CQ for Author Clea Simon Five Compelling Questions with Shawn

Shawn and Clea talk about Clea's new book HOLD ME DOWN, their mutual love of Rock and Roll, the joys and challenges of writing a series and of writing as a career in general, believing in yourself, how being a reporter makes you very good at meeting deadlines, how reading and writing helped both Clea and Shawn "escape" tumultuous households growing up, and criticism as a conversation starter. The author of 29 books (and counting), Clea Simon is a regular contributor to the Boston Globe, and her writing pops up occasionally in such publications as American Prospect, Ms., the San Francisco Chronicle, and
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