I blogged over on the Jungle Red Writers page today about the one little detail that broke Hold Me Down wide open. Here’s the opening, but you’ve got to go to their page to read the rest (and you should because we’re hosting a giveaway!)

Thanks, Hank and the Reds, for having me back to celebrate Hold Me Down, my new psychological suspense. Hold Me Down follows Gal, a musician of a certain age, as she returns to her old haunts to figure out what caused the death of a former club colleague. A departure from my usual cat cozies, Hold Me Down gets dark at times – but, like so many of us, Gal muddles through and, just maybe, finds her rhythm again by the end. For me to get there with her, however, I had to do my research.

Read the rest (and enter the giveaway) here: https://www.jungleredwriters.com/2021/10/details-details.html