Tomorrow (Thursday) I’ll be joining Elisabeth Elo, Dale Phillips, and Frances McNamara at the VOX POP Pop-Up Space in Assembly Row, Somerville. But we authors won’t be the ones making the mystery – you will!

If you haven’t participated in one of these Sisters in Crime events, here’s the deal: Four authors from across the spectrum (thrillers [Elisabeth], historicals [Frances], PI [Dale] to cozies (me]) lead YOU (the audience) through the process of constructing a plot that’s to die for. You come up with character names, motives, and, of course, a murder weapon. We’ll then explain how we think – and what those names and methods might imply for us. You’re a full participant all the way as we draft an outline for the perfect mystery!

This FREE event comes to you from Sisters in Crime and the always wonderful Somerville libraries. Plus, there’s parking! Please join us – there won’t be a mystery without you!

If you know Assembly Row, please just look for the Vox Pop space. If you need an exact address for the GPS, its 431 Artisan Way, Assembly Row, Somerville. The space closes at 8, so we’ll be starting promptly at 6:30 p.m. to make sure we have time to plot the perfect crime (novel).